New Boiler Installation Bromsgrove

Boiler Installation Bromsgrove: Get a New Boiler or Boiler Replacement in Bromsgrove 

Why chose local gas engineer based in Bromsgrove to install your new boiler.

A local company will welcome and value your business. Most likely person that takes your initial enquiry will be the person that comes out quotes, installs and maintains the boiler in the future. Choosing  a local boiler installation company like Sunrise Plumbing and Heating means your dealing with a local family run plumbing and heating company based in Bromsgrove we  don’t  have call centres, we don’t have various departments so your not passed from one department to another, and most of all your not held in a queue, hours on end trying to get to speak to someone. 

Local Gas Engineers Respond Faster 

If you have a question about your new boiler or in the rare case something goes wrong even an unrelated plumbing emergency, you want to be sure that if this happens you  get  the situation resolved as quickly as possible, you certainly don’t want to hear “the next available slot before an engineer is available is 2 weeks away” 

Choosing a local company like Sunrise Plumbing and Heating to install service your boiler and means that when you call us you will probably get the same person who installed the boiler and as your a valued customer we will do everything to get to you within 24hours 

Honest Advice and Boiler Packages  to Suit all Budgets 

Sunrise Plumbing and Heating know your new boiler is a big investment, so we will work with you get your new boiler installed within your  budget. We Gas Safe Registered and Accredited boiler installers for both Worcester Bosch and Baxi we also fit other brands such as Alpha etc.

Sunrise Plumbing and Heating will give you a written quotation and unlike larger companies we will never put you under any pressure or give you the hard sell in order to meet targets, in fact our surveys are carried out by the engineer that will most likely install your new boiler and not salesman. Sunrise Plumbing and Heating will always give you honest, impartial advice about what new boiler and what best suits your requirements. 

We are a genuine local plumbing and heating company based in Bromsgrove, so being true to our word is in our best interest as well as yours when quoting you for a new boiler.

Getting a New Boiler Quote in Bromsgrove 

Sunrise Plumbing and Heating urge you to get 3 other quotes from gas  installers based in and around Bromsgrove. Compare quotes on a like for like basis, check if they Accredited to manufactures such as Worcester Bosch and Baxi are they Trading Standards Approved, are they members of Which? Have they been independently vetted by the likes of TrusATrader and Verified. all of which Sunrise Plumbing and Heating are proud to be part of.

If your based in Bromsgrove and looking for a new boiler to replace your old boiler and you find a better like for like deal elsewhere with another local Gas Engineer, Sunrise Plumbing and Heating will happily do our very best to match it.

Beware of prices that seem too good to be true.

Like some good local gas engineers based in Bromsgrove we have all seen a huge influx of online boiler installations companies appearing in the area although they come across as local they are based 100s of miles away and subcontract the work out to fitters again miles out of the area. 

We have seen the stress and upset they have caused with the poor workmanship  they have carried out and customers not being able to get the installers back out to rectify their work all this topped off with  shoddy customer service and boilers not being registered.

Always check the company that’s is going to install your boiler is a genuine local business, read reviews, check there accreditation’s like Worcester Bosch and Baxi and if they are members of Trading Standards, Which? Gas Safe Register and are they vetted. Sunrise Plumbing and Heating are based in Bromsgrove 

What Size Boiler Do I Need

If you live in Bromsgrove with an average-sized household with modest heating needs the a gas combination boiler is  probably the best option for you. 

Using the table below for a guide of what size new combination boiler would be required for you home.

Boiler Size (kW)



Property Type




Apartments, 1 & 2 bed houses




Medium size 2-4 bed homes




Larger Properties

Live in Bromsgrove an want  a guide price on a new Boiler Please feel free to use our online quotation calculator and get an instant quote of feel free  to contact us for a no obligation quotation

We look forward to hearing from you

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We supply and fit Worcester Bosch boilers in Bromsgrove Worcestershire and also cover the surrounding areas such as: 

  • Redditch
  • Droitwich
  • Wychbold
  • Bellbroughton
  • Fairfield
  • Stoke Prior
  • Stoke Heath
  • Aston Fields
  • Sidemoor
  • Catshill
  • Hanbury
  • and Chaddesley Corbett to name a few 

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