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Peace of mind whilst on Holiday

With the last few years we have all had to endure everyone is looking forward and planning to get away on well earned holiday.

If like me you plan for your trip well in advance you may have already started writing down you list with essentials, passport, travel money, travel insurance, sun cream and of course teabags, but how many of us think about doing a list to protect our homes whilst your or away and to protect you and your family in the property your staying in on your holidays.

We all want our holidays to be filled with happy memories and not a real holiday from hell, and the only thing we want to be greeted by on out return home is our own bed and not to find yourself ankles deep in water from a burst pipe.

Sunrise Plumbing and Heating have put together some useful tips to help you plan for a trouble free holiday both whilst away and on your return home 

Home Safety Tips 

Consider CCTV 

Sounds expensive but CCTV is now quite affordable I personally recommend blink we have a full set up including blink floodlights, the beauty of blink are they 100% wire free and so simple to set up.  these home security cameras let you see, hear, and speak from the Blink Home Monitor app on your phone. They work in both day and night video, have two way audio and recorded motion detection it’s like being at home whilst away and with a 2 year battery life it’s a great cheap set up to consider..

Find out more at https://blinkforhome.com/

Don't post details of your trip on social media

Criminals monitor social media!  Don’t broadcast that your  on holiday until it's time to come home.

Consider a video door bell

Again just like CCTV a video door bell is  a good way of monitoring who comes to the door we recommend Ring as it  records and notifies you when motion is detected and also allows 2 way communication.

 Another  simple way of monitoring your property.

Find out more at https://en-uk.ring.com/pages/doorbells

Always check your insured 

Check your home and contents insurance policy is in date and doesn’t expire whilst away. If the worst does happened at least your insured. 

Ask a neighbour to pick up your post

Burglars will look for  a build up of post ask a neighbour to either take your post in or make sure it’s pushed fully through your letterbox.

If you have window locks and door deadlocks use them 

Report issues of faulty street lighting to your council 

Turn electrical appliances not in use off 

Some electrical items will need to be left plugged in and switched on whilst you're on holiday such as lights (use a timer) and fridge/freezers. Apart from these, you should turn off and unplug all unnecessary electrical appliances That are not going to be used not only will it save you money it will reduce the risk of a fire.

If you smell gas on your return 

On returning home if you smell gas follow these steps 

  • Turn off the gas at the meter
  • Extinguish naked flames
  • Open all windows and doors to air it out
  • Leave your room
  • Call 0800 111 999 24 (from a safe distance) 

Home Plumbing  Tips 

Turn Your Water Off

If your going on holiday it’s a good idea to isolate you main water supply by turning off your stopcock (this is normally located under your kitchen sink, pantry, downstairs,  cloakroom if your struggling to locate it please call us on 07428628790.

Going away in the Winter 

  • Consider getting smart controls so your central heating can be operated via your mobile phone whilst on a sun lounger
  • If you have standard controls set them to come  twice a day 
  • Make sure pipes are lagged 
  • Isolate outside taps (we always recommend turning the main stopcock off)
  • Ask a friend,neighbour or member of family to check on your property make sure you identify to the. where the stopcock is to them if you intend to leave your water on.


Place a cup of water in the freezer once it has frozen place a coin on top of it, when returning back if the coin is at the bottom of the glass you will have known there has been a power cut and your frozen items have defrosted and then refrozen which could make you ill if eaten 

Consider getting an inspection on you plumbing and heating 

A boiler service will check the integrity of your boiler and make sure it’s safe whilst you are away and highlight any issues..

Stay Safe on Holiday 

If your staying in a hotel, caravan, lodge or cottage Gas Safety is so important other countries are not as stringent on Gas Safety.

Carbon Monoxide

If your going abroad or holidaying in this country packing a portable Carbon monoxide detector could save your life, if you staying where a Carbon monoxide detector is fitted check it works and it’s in date. We recommend Honeywell CX100d 

Emergency Exit 

Always make a note of  your nearest  emergency exit

Inspect your gas appliances 

Check for staining ( black marks around gas appliances)

Check there are no lazy orange flames they should be crisp blue flames 

Report these to reception or your holiday rep do not take no for an answer.

If your holidaying in the UK there should be an up to date  Gas Safety certificate on display in your accommodation if not ask reception or your rep to see it they have to show you this on request.

Check any carbon monoxide detectors that are installed are in date and test they are working 

Check any smoke alarms  that are installed are in date and test they are working .

We advise you take your own portable Carbon monoxide detector