The Importance of a Stopcock

What’s a stopcock 

Your internal stopcock (also known as mains tap, stop tap)  isolates the water  that enter your property if needed in a plumbing emergency. lt is slats recommend that you check your stopcock is i good working order and that it shuts off all the water in your property, meaning that you can isolate the water quickly if a n emergency plumbing situation arises and averts further damage until an emergency emergency plumber can be called to undertake the emergency plumbing works.

How many stopcocks should I have in or outside my  house?

There will normally be one main stopcock within your property, you will also most likely have an additional external stopcock located outside of your boundary of your home. 

Where can I located my main stopcock.

Most properties we visit in Bromsgrove we find that the main internal stopcock will be located under the sink, or in a downstairs cloak room. it’s quite important that you familiarise yourselves with the location of your  internal stopcock just in case of a plumbing emergency occurs. Once located check to see if shuts off easily. If not please call Sunrise Plumbing and Heating for assistance 

How do I turn off the water using the main stopcock

Once you have located the main internal stopcock you will need to turn the handle clockwise until completely closed to turn the water off .

How to maintain your main internal stopcock.

In you haven’t used your stopcock for sometime in some cases you may not have touched it for tears then it may have seized and become unusable and may need replacing. If this is the case give Sunrise Plumbing and Heating a call. It’s best to get it sorted before you need to turn the water off in a plumbing emergency. 

Once you have located the  main stopcock, make sure it is easy to turn, if it turns easy then get in to the habit of turning it  on a regular basis to ensure it doesn’t seize. 

If the Stopcock is a little stiff to turn apply some spray lubricant like WD40 and allow it to soak in  before turning the handle back and forth until it eases you may need to repeat this process a couple of time. 

If however the stopcock is seized solid and spraying a maintenance spray has not worked the it will most likely need to be replaced, if that is the case please give Sunrise Plumbing and Heating a call 

Important water company responsible for the external mains water stopcock

Many people are not aware but not all insurance policies cover you for the repair of burst pipes so it’s essential you have full control of your internal water supply to isolate the water in a plumbing emergency. Insurance companies will look at anyway of limiting there responsibility and what they have to pay in a plumbing emergency, so if they find that a lot of the damage caused by a burst pipe could have been avoided by isolating the water at the main stopcock,  however because it the stopcock was seized and could not be turned off isolating the leak they may look at limiting what they pay out. 

If you have a burst pipe or plumbing emergency in Bromsgrove please give Sunshine Plumbing and Heating”s emergency plumber a call

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